Mainstays Alarm Clock with Keyboard Style Controls

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This Mainstays Alarm Clock with Keyboard Style Controls offers easily accessible keyboard style controls. Want to turn pause the alarm for a few more minutes of sleep? Press the large snooze button right from your bedside. Need to turn off the alarm in a flash? Simply flip the alarm switch to OFF at the front of the alarm clock. This clock is electric operated; the battery backup does not power the clock. The battery backup is used for storing the time and alarm settings if the power is interrupted. During battery backup the clock?s display will not be lit. Once the power is restored the display will re-light. Check the time to make sure it is accurate and adjust if necessary.

  • 0.6? Red LED Display
  • Easy to Access Keyboard Style Controls
  • 9 Minute Snooze
  • Optional Battery Backup (2 x AAA, Not Included)
  • Electric Operated
  • Product Dimensions: 4.35? x 3.2? x 2.25?

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